Team RichmonD HISTORY

Team Richmond was founded in 2001 by a group of Richmond men who had enjoyed basketball as a vital formative experience in their lives and wanted a similar experience for their children and others in the metropolitan Richmond area. They determined that there was a need for a high quality extramural program that would be not only a competitive athletic environment, but also a fertile training ground for “best practices” on and off the court.

TEAM RICHMOND-garner road at a Glance

  • On Dec. 19, 2015,  Raleigh, N.C.-based Garner Road Basketball Club joined forces with Team Richmond AAU to become Team-Richmond-Garner Road. Details on the #Alliance can be found here.

Team Richmond-Garner Road is affiliated with the Amateur Athletic Union, a national organization with long experience in extracurricular basketball leagues. Team Richmond is promoted in schools and recreation departments throughout metro Richmond, and tryouts are held to fill all teams. Currently, the organization operates primarily between November and August each year, and participants pay a registration fee. Coaches are volunteers (primarily parents of the young players), and teams participate in tournaments with other AAU organizations from around the region.

team richmond-garner road mission

Tim Jones, Class of 2013

Dwayne West (left), who heads the Garner Road Basketball Club and Arnold Henderson, Chair of Team Richmond-Garner Road, attend a VCU basketball game at the Siegel Center on Dec. 19, 2015, the day The Alliance was formed.


garner road

basketball club joins forces with team-richmond aau

As its central mission, Team Richmond-Garner Road uses basketball as a means to teach young men life skills that can be applied to challenges they will face in their adult lives. Positive character development, good work habits, self motivation, and leadership are all attributes our coaches and players are trying to instill and learn. A “Player’s Oath” spells out the high standards of behavior and attitude expected of all participants.

Devon Morgan, Big Shots, 2015

​Plays at Delaware State