team richmond

The Team Richmond Parent Association is a group of former parents whose son played for TR and are willing to lend support, advice, and guidance to parents of current players participating in AAU. New parents are welcome to communicate with any of the persons listed below as a resource and information on the AAU experience. To reach any of these individuals, please contact your son’s head coach for information. 


Robert Shelton is the father of Chris Shelton (2019). Chris is a freshman at Hampton University. 

Bob Beran and Paula Beran are the parents of Robbie Beran (2018), who is a freshman at Northwestern University.   

Troy Thomas is the father of DeAndre Thomas (2017), a sophomore at Samford University. 

Jayden Nixon and Anita Nixon are the parents of Shay Nixon (2016), who is a junior at the University of Virginia.

Amber Ellis is the mother of Cutch Ellis (2015), a senior at Christopher Newport University.  

Allison Crosby is the mother of Tyrese Rice (2005), an All-ACC star at Boston College and is a 12-year professional star overseas. He has won multiple MVP titles and Euro championships.