Team Richmond AAU and Garner Road AAU agree on new direction

In December 2015, Team Richmond Basketball in VA created an alliance with Garner Road Basketball Club in NC to form the Team Richmond Garner Road (TRGR) AAU Team, which competed on the Adidas basketball tournament circuit. This partnership produced 40 alumni who are currently playing college basketball at every level.

Effective January 2020, Team Richmond AAU and Garner Road AAU have mutually decided to discontinue the TRGR partnership and return to their original programs. Garner Road will continue to compete on the Adidas circuit, while Team Richmond will move to the Hoop Group circuit.

"Special thanks to Dwayne West and Arnold Henderson for creating the TRGR alliance. We've been able to build a great relationship with our brothers at Team Richmond and are looking forward to continuing the tradition that started a few years ago #TRGR." said Trevor West, Executive Director of Garner Road AAU.

“We look forward to competing on the Hoop Group circuit, which we believe is a better fit for our organization at this time,” said Del Harris, Executive Director of Team Richmond AAU. “I want to thank Dwayne West and Arnold Henderson for having the vision and doing the hard work necessary to form the TRGR alliance. Garner Road will always be family, which many can’t say in the world of AAU, and we wish them nothing but the best. We are forever grateful for the TRGR partnership, which helped support so many deserving young men.”

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